"One invitation can have an eternal ripple effect." ~ Kelly Wahlquist

Help Promote the WINE: Catholic Women’s Conference, Minnesota

It’s easy!

1.   Get to know WINE. Read through our WINE Facts Sheet here.

2.   Arrange to get WINE announcements about the upcoming conference in your parish bulletin. Bring the bulletin announcement to your church bulletin editor. (And bring him/her some chocolate too for good measure. Seriously, they'll love it!) Start running it NOW!

3.   Ask your pastor if a pulpit announcement about the WINE: Catholic Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 5, can be made sometime during the next few weeks. You can volunteer to read the announcement inviting women to join you, or have the announcement direct people to you after Mass to answer questions and hand out registration flyers. Having a person who has been to a WINE event enthusiastically share her experience is a great idea!

4.   Download and print the registration flyers and posters. Put the registration forms around your parish and include them as bulletin stuffers the weekend you promote WINE. If your parish has a school, see if you can get the flyers in the weekly communication to the parents.

5.   Put info about the 2019 WINE: CWC on the various forms of social media your parish uses, such as your website, Facebook, or monitors.

6.   Arrange carpools and caravans, or a bus, from your parish for the event. The parish with the most participants wins a great WINE prize!

7.   Invite friends to the event…and be ENTHUSIASTIC!

All 2019 WINE: Catholic Women’s Conference promotional documents can be downloaded here: